Forest Information System

Forest Information System

Creation of the new Forest Information System of the Veneto Region

Project carried out on behalf of the Veneto Region in collaboration with Engineering and Payoff.

Creation of the new Forest Information System of the Veneto Region for the management of planning, monitoring, control, authorization processes, preparation of forestry reorganization and reorganization plans, management of practices relating to forest use.

The project saw the:

  • creation of a full cloud services architecture;
  • interoperability with other systems available in the Veneto Region Information System;
  • integration with the GIS system (IDT RV 2.0 project) to facilitate the drafting of practices;
  • dematerialization of the procedures for submitting applications;
  • standardization of processes for the management of proceedings. 

The users of the system are:

  • external users, i.e. forest managers represented by both public entities (Municipalities, Rules, Mountain Communities, etc.) and private individuals, interested in reorganization or reorganization plans, forest use and financing requests;
  • external forestry technicians, i.e. qualified technicians, registered with the order of forestry agronomists, responsible for drawing up reorganization/reorganization plans on behalf of external users and/or drawing up cutting projects;
  • forestry companies authorized to carry out forestry operations;
  • the PA technicians, i.e. the officials in charge of evaluating and approving forestry plans and uses;
  • the PA officials responsible for following the administrative aspects relating to the investigations of the practices.


Regione del Veneto / Almaviva
Regione del Veneto / Almaviva


24 May 2019


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