Strategic Governance System

Strategic Governance System

Regione del Veneto has recently assigned an outsourcer to manage all its ICT systems. The Strategic Governance System developed by Geko allows the service management provided under every aspect: management, maintenance, development, etc.

The Strategic Governance System is based on an incremental model of Enterprise Architecture that allows, by focusing on the services provided, to constantly monitor the actors involved in the services, the ICT systems impacted by them, the contractual service levels, contracts and related suppliers.

It is a tool that supports the daily operation of:

  • operational ICT management: in order to be able to better assess the use, costs and impacts of available resources and change, in relation to the company's processes and core business;
  • top corporate management: to better identify how corporate IT contributes to create value, what services are provided, who are the customers served, who are the subjects and what are the technological resources used that contribute to the production of these services and evaluation of performances.



Regione del Veneto
Regione del Veneto


01 January 2010


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