IT Resource Management

IT Resource Management

As part of the Strategic Governance System project of Regione del Veneto, Geko in collaboration with SAS Institute, has developed a monitoring system for services provided, based on performance indicators (Key Performance Indicators). The system is developed on an integrated Business Intelligence component, based on the SAS IT Resource Management platform, which allows:

the analysis of KPIs and SLAs of interest to the administration

reports production and studies on the service's results (annual management summary)

costs evaluation and related organizational impacts

The solution allows you to monitor in real time all the main aspects related to the provision of information services: management of information systems, assistance services, workstations management, server maintenance, security, etc. .. The dashboard, built on the basis of multidimensional OLAP cubes, allows you to completely browse the data, until you reach the single detail of the information detected by probes or management systems (asset management, trouble ticketing, monitoring probes, etc.).


Regione del Veneto / SAS
Regione del Veneto / SAS


31 December 2014


Business Intelligence, ICT Consulting