Hunting Mobility Database Management

Hunting Mobility Database Management

Creation of a unified data base for hunting mobility management in Regione del Veneto

Project created in 2019 in collaboration with Payoff S.r.l. and Engineering S.p.A.

The project was about data remediation, standardization and integration of 7 databases from the "hunting and fishing systems" of ex-provinces in Veneto. The goal was the creation of a single and complete registry within a centralized and computerized system for the hunting mobility management in Regione del Veneto. The process ended quickly with excellent results at the end of several stages of data processing which saw the implementation of even particularly complex logics to obtain a registry of all the hunters in Veneto.

The initial data were in almost 80% cases incomplete and inaccurate, with repetitions of the same subject in and between different databases.Among the various implementations, processes of particular interest and importance are:

  • data quality and data preparation process: data cleaning, normalization and formal control of the data.
  • automated calculation process and verification / validation of the italian fiscal code.
  • contextual process of identification and deduplication of same subjects with related enrichment.

Knime, the free and open source analytical platform used for our analysis allowed us to carry out a delicate activity of data blendig and data sources integration with minimum effort and code free, as well as to operate in full compliance with the GDPR for the processing of personal data.


Regione del Veneto / Engineering
Regione del Veneto / Engineering


02 September 2019


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